Test your network speed with curl

How do I test my speed accurately and over a longer period? I’ve got the solution. Please note that these files count as data on your plan if you aren’t on unlimited. If you’ve got a smaller data plan i recommend you using the smaller 100MB or 10MB tests.

How to run the test:

  1. Open your terminal
  2. Type in the command curl -s http://aekstrom.me/speedtest.1g this runs the 1GB test

Thats it! There are also some other tests available that i mentioned above.

For 1GB download this url http://aekstrom.me/speedtest.1g

For 512MB download this url http://aekstrom.me/speedtest.512m

For 100MB download this url http://aekstrom.me/speedtest.100m

For 10MB download this url http://aekstrom.me/speedtest.10m


Easy right? Yes. And accurate. My servers are locationed in the middle of europe (Amsterdam). So your test might depend on your location. US readers might want to turn somewhere else.